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Address from Father Roman

Dear brothers and sisters.

Now, during the Great Lent, a special time for repentance and prayer, a disaster came to us - a pandemic of coronavirus infection. The victims of this disease have become many people around the world - in Asia, Europe, America, and now in Canada. The Canadian state is trying to stop the spread of coronavirus infection in the country. And our Orthodox Church also helps, as far as possible, in the fight against this disease.

As you know, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, our cathedral will be closed for public services until further notice. Divine services are still performed by the clergy in closed session. You can send your notes with names for memorials at the liturgy to
And, of course, you can come to the church for private prayer, put candles, and worship shrines. In case of illness and life threat, you should contact the priest, and the priest will definitely come to you for the Sacraments of Confession, Unction and Communion.

Our common prayer with you for ending the epidemic would be very important. You can pray at any time, in any place and as many times as you think is necessary.
Here is the text:

O God Almighty, Lord of heaven and earth, and of all creation visible and invisible, in thine ineffable goodness, look down upon us, thy people gathered in thy Holy Name. Be our helper and defender in this day of affliction. Thou knowest our weakness. Thou hearest our cry in repentance and contrition of heart. O Lord who lovest mankind, deliver us from the impending threat of the Corona Virus. Send thine angel to watch over us and protect us. Grant health and recovery to those suffering from this virus. Guide the hands of physicians and preserve those who are healthy. Enable us to continue to serve our suffering brothers and sisters in peace that together we may glorify thy most honorable and majestic name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages.

Dear brothers and sisters. We will monitor our body health and, in case of feeling sick, we will stay at home until full recovery. We will also monitor our spiritual health, and in case of feeling discouragement, sadness and sorrow, we will not fall into despair, but will turn in prayer to the Doctor of our souls and bodies, Christ the Savior. And He comfort us, strengthen, support and guide us in this difficult time.

God bless you, my dears.

With love in Christ
Priest Roman Pavlov.

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